High Speed Digital Printing & Copying

A photo of our Versant 180 laserjet printer     A photo of our Xerox Versalink laserjet printer.

Our high-speed machines make digital printing easy and efficient! Whether you need to print a resume, tax files, documents for the DMV, or even just a shipping label, we can print your items with ease.

Documents can be retrieved and printed from email, digital media (USB drive), AirDrop, or through our on-site computers for any private/confidential documents. For larger files, we recommend either uploading the files to a Google Drive or DropBox folder and sharing the folder with us, or uploading and emailing your files through a website like WeTransfer.

Our Xerox Versalink printer (on the right) is also WiFi-connected, allowing for seamless self-service while you’re here.

Digital prints and copies can be done while you wait, and our paper sizes include 8.5×11 (standard letter), 8.5×14 (legal), 11×17 (tabloid), and 12×18 (tabloid oversize). We carry a variety of weights and textures including metallic, acid-free, 100% recycled, 100% cotton, 24 and 32 lb text weights, and cover weight paper from 67 to 120 lb.

Any documents you’d like to print can also be emailed ahead of time to copies@copynet.com. Please be sure to specify the following in your email so we can get your digital printing ready before you arrive:

  • Black and White or color printing
  • Single or Double-sided
  • Number of copies (if applicable, per file)