Shipping Drop-Off

At the front of our storefront, we have drop-off boxes for FedEx** (Express packages only) and UPS, convenient and complimentary for our customers and passer-byers. Unfortunately at this moment, we do not offer drop-off services for USPS. Please double-check which service your package is for before dropping off your package.

We have shipping supplies available for purchase (FedEx supplies found within the slanted lid of our drop-box are complimentary) and we can help with printing pre-generated shipping labels, but we are not able to create a label for you. QR codes, FedEx account numbers, and other related items that require FedEx/UPS technology must be handled at their respective offices.

FedEx Drop-Off Information

**Our FedEx box will be removed from our premises after August 29th. After this date please refer to the next closest FedEx Drop off/Office.**

FedEx packages must fit within the drop-off box, they will not accept oversized packages.

FedEx Express packages are picked up Monday-Friday around 3-3:30pm (excluding federal holidays). At this time, we are not accepting FedEx Ground packages.

Should you need a label generated from a FedEx account number or a receipt for your package, please refer to the closest FedEx Offices near us, located on Van Ness & Post, Geary & Stanyan, and Fillmore & Lombard.

UPS Drop-Off Information

UPS packages that don’t fit in the drop-off box may be left in front of the box, the driver will pick those up as well. UPS packages are picked up Monday-Friday around 4pm-5pm (excluding federal holidays).

Any packages for UPS Mail Innovations are received by USPS and won’t be picked up by UPS. Please check your shipping label carefully and ensure your package can be picked up by UPS.

If you have a QR code or need a receipt for your package, please refer to the closest UPS office near us, located on Post & Webster, across from Nijiya Market.